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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Recruiting recruiters... our biggest headache?

Recruiting recruiters.... our biggest headache?

Picking a “Good’n”...

Knowing whether someone is going to be a valuable addition to your team can be a tricky business and is often based on luck rather than judgement. I am so often asked how I have recruited my staff in the past or if there is a magic formula to finding a cracking recruiter and the answer is that I have always been very picky who about who I recruit and never take people on for the sake of getting a bum on a seat. 

Taking on the wrong people for your business can be much more damaging to your business than having to manage one or two people down.

Whether you are looking at a rookie or an experienced recruiter, let’s get a few things straight, they need to be;

  • ·         Business savvy (understanding how businesses work)
  • ·         Presentable
  • ·         Money hungry and motivated by targets
  • ·         Thick skinned and very confident
  •           They need to have a believable and professional telephone manner
  •           Quick to learn    
  • ·         Highly organised
  • ·         Able to work at a fast pace and multitask

One of the best consultants I ever worked with used to be a secretary and PA before moving into recruitment.  She had all of the above skills and yet had never worked a day in sales – she just wanted it enough to convince me I could teach her the rest.  I have also worked with some superb graduates and several returners to work, who had experience in life to bring to the table and financial commitments that always spurred them on to make that next placement.

I wouldn’t say that using a Rec2Rec will even ensure the chances of the perfect match – let’s face it, they don’t have a crystal ball any more than you do but in saying that I have had some really good candidates from Rec2Rec’s in the past, so it’s certainly not a route to be sniffed at.

The long and fast rule here is, don’t disguard anyone based on their CV – speak to them on the phone, establish their reasons for wanting to work in recruitment and put them through their paces on interview with a role play or something similar, to see how they react under pressure. 

Make sure you really emphasise the down sides of recruitment to them and see if they keep coming back for more... 

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