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Monday, 14 November 2011

Jobs Market Slow Down..

Jobs Market Slow Down..

I was watching the news this morning and listening to yet more doom and gloom regarding the jobs market.  I think the words used were “ a long and painful decline of jobs available in the private sector”.  How depressing I thought – a truly GREAT way to start the week!

What I can’t stand is the continual negativity that is out there, predominantly created by the media. 

I don’t mean to appear short sighted, things are what they are (to an extent);  the global economy is still in meltdown and times are pretty tough going, but when the media spread news of a long and painful decline, surely it will become a self fulfilled prophecy if we don’t do something about it?

We recruiters are at the front line of all of this.  Working at the coal face, helping businesses to recruit top people in a tough market.  What I want to know is what we can do to spread more positivity?

I know that we can’t magic jobs into the market but is it really all that bad? I don’t think it is and there is so much that recruiters can do in their every day jobs to help this negativity to not become a reality.

1)      Exhaust every possibility for every candidate you register for work. 

2)      Build strong relationships with your candidates and really work WITH them to secure work. Explore new opportunities in different fields of employment, look at transferable skills and decreases in salary, compensated by better working conditions, a more satisfying career or a shorter travelling distance for example.

3)      Don’t waste time registering candidates you can’t place.

4)      Generate a positive feel in the market place.  How many times have your consultants told a candidate that things are quiet at the moment - today alone? 

5)      Get out there and meet with all of your clients. Maybe your current contacts are quiet at the moment but there could be other areas of the business which are more buoyant, which you don’t currently work with.

Let’s try and create a more positive atmosphere in the jobs market. We are the only ones who can really make a difference out there at the moment, so let’s all unite together and breathe some life back into the workplace again!

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