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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

When do you know enough is enough?

When do you know enough is enough and a consultant just isn't going to make it?

When do you know when enough is enough?

So often I get asked this question when discussing the abilities of consultants and when enough simply is enough..  “When should I decide that it just simply isn’t going to work out?” or “At what point can I summarise that the training just isn’t working?” or “how will I cope if I ask them to leave?”.

When you recruit a member of staff into your organisation, you will know in a relatively short space of time if they are going to cut the mustard. 

Obviously there were reasons why you recruited them in the first place; Perhaps they blew you away on interview or wowed you with their past achievements or possibly you just recognised some solid experience in the past such as sales experience or time spent as a recruiter elsewhere. 

Sometimes taking on a complete novice or “rookie” as they are more commonly known is quite enticing as you will have the opportunity to mould them into your own brand of consultant but there would still have been some personality traits that initially drew you to them.

But the real question here is when do you know that it just isn’t working out and where do you draw the line?

The answer is simple. Ask yourself these questions.... 

“Have they had training in recruitment sales, interviewing and client meeting skills required to do the job?”
“Have they been set targets and KPI’s, which have been regularly reviewed?”
and finally“Are they making you any money?” 

If the answers to the first two questions are “No” then you may need to look a little closer to home and the support you are providing to your team.  If the answers to the first two questions are “Yes” but they are not hitting their KPI’s and targets then you will need to take a much closer look at things.

Analyse their KPI’s and achievements since joining and make sure that there is nothing that can be rectified with additional training. If not then enough probably is enough and you should be thinking now about how best to manage them out of the business.



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