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Monday, 5 September 2011

How healthy is your recruitment business?

How healthy is your recruitment business?

During such volatile economic times, it is important for recruitment businesses to be able to review their company practices whilst obtaining sound business advice from recruitment experts.

As a result of this Recruitment Business Solutions have designed a full range of consultative products and services to aid you in making crucial business decisions, whilst offering peace of mind as you make them.

To mark the launch of these services, Recruitment Business Solutions are offering 10 FREE 1 hour phone consultations to recruitment businesses, to discuss your current issues and concerns and to offer you any inital advice or support that you feel you may be needing at this time.

Our range of bespoke support services will include comprehensive checks into the following;
  • Company Finances
  • Sales Performance
  • Marketing Strategy
  • People & Processes
  • Compliance
  • Future Business Plans

We can then work with you to develop a list of action points and development plans to help you to achieve the results you seek as you exit the current downturn and look forward to the future.

For more information please or visit our website.

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